Age Groups

Children must be at least 5 years old and no older than 13 years as of 30th September. The age group that your child will be in is also calculated as their age on this date. So if your child is 11 at midnight on the 30th of September, they will be in the Under 12s.

For example, John turned 9 on the 28th August – John is an Under 10.

Emma turned 9 on the 2nd October – Emma is an Under 9.

Finding your age group on the beach

On Saturdays the children will meet their Age Group Leaders on the lawns in front of the PESLSC clubhouse. Each Age Group can be located by finding the age group coloured flags. If you are running late, Age Groups can be found on the beach in two ways – the colour of the caps and the coloured Age Group flags.

Following a roll call by the Age Group Leaders the Nippers will be given their cap to wear. The cap signifies that the child is under the supervision of the Age Group Leaders and the club. The cap must be worn at all times to help Leaders identify the children for whom they are responsible for. At the end of the session, names are marked off and caps are returned to the Age Group Leaders.

Age Group Leaders

Are usually parents who have volunteered to be involved with their children on the beach.

Age Group Leader training is available from Surf Life Saving South Australia (SLSA) and we can advise interested parents when this training is available. You do not need your Bronze qualification to be an Age Group Leader.

All Age Group Leaders have a current Police Check and it is renewed every 3 years. This ensures that your children will be in a safe environment. We will advise you of the process if you volunteer to be an Age Group Leader.

The Under 7s Program

(5 or 6 years old on the 30th September)

Our Under 7s program is provided to give children an introduction to life saving through fun activities and games. Importantly, there is no deep water work and the kids love the games that involve parents.

Please note that those children participating in our Under 7s Program are required to have a parent participate and assist on the beach at all times. One parent must also join the club as a member. We ask that parents please introduce themselves to the Age Group leader.

What will your child do at Nippers?

The syllabus followed is the Surf Ed system as set out in the Surf Education Kit supplied by the Surf Life Saving Association.

All children are required to pass a preliminary evaluation to determine water competency. This involves a survival float and a swim ranging from 25 metres for Under 8s and up to 200 metres for Under 14s.


Successful completion of each level of Surf Ed entitles children to a certificate. Children in the Under 13 Age Group will do extra work to sit for their Resuscitation Certification. Children in the Under 14 Age Group will do considerable work to sit for their Surf Rescue Certification (First Aid, signals, resuscitation, swimming, board rescues, radio work, beach and life saving knowledge). Those passing the latter certificate are then able to go on patrol under the supervision of a Bronze holder. They will be required to purchase a Surf Life Saving Manual (“the blue book”) and to attend extended training sessions.

Other Activities during the Nipper Season

  • Nipperthons for Champion Life Savers Awards
  • Discos
  • Christmas party
  • Christmas Pageants
  • Presentation Evening