COVID Update 20/11/20 4:30pm – Resumption of patrols

20 Nov COVID Update 20/11/20 4:30pm – Resumption of patrols

Patrols will go ahead this weekend with those patrol groups who are on the roster.

Until 11:59pm Saturday, we are still officially in lock-down. Therefore, when present at the beach in their capacity as Lifesavers, our members are acting under the exemption for emergency services. It is imperative that we remind our members that prior to, and at completion of, patrol duties, this exemption no longer applies and, from that point onwards, they are subject to the same rules as the general public i.e. they must be undertaking exercise if outside of the home.

We have decided to contact the full patrol groups to attend, as being a very warm weekend and gyms still closed, it is expected that there will be many exercising at the beach. Patrols will be as open beach method, with physical distancing required wherever possible. Masks may also be worn, especially where distancing can not be achieved. Both patrols are rostered from 12:00-17:00 but patrol captains may wish to extend the hours due to the weather, and to spread patrol members over the day.

If you do not feel comfortable patrolling this weekend, you will not be penalised.

If you are rostered, please confirm with your patrol captain whether you will be attending or not – phone or text the number below.

Commodore Patrol Saturday – Verity Remilton 0428 802 420
Echo Patrol Sunday – Brad Watson 0414 553 256

All other Club Activities including training are still suspended until further advice is given re restrictions.

Ben Wyschnja – 0448 492 767
Lifesaving Services Officer