IRB 2016

IRB racing is a fast, exciting part of Lifesaving. Competition is held over the winter months from May to July, culminating in the State Titles.

For the last three years we have had a small and dedicated group involved in IRB Racing, with silver and bronze state medals being won each year. So far the gold has eluded us, but not by much.

During the 2015 winter three additional drivers and eight additional crew gained their qualifications with nearly all expressing a desire to race in the new 2016 2017 season which commences shortly after the normal patrol season ends.

To be eligible to compete an additional 20 hours of specific IRB Racing Training is required. I intend to start this training early in the New Year.

Consequently, all current IRB Drivers and Crew are asked to let me know if they are interested in this exciting sport. Please email me at or SMS 0422 003 140

Peter Francis