Surf Sports


At Port Elliot we have a diverse team of Masters Competitors. Surfboat crews are regular medal winners in Masters.

Competition is generally restricted to State Masters and Port Elliot people can be found in many beach and water events, both in individual and team events. Men and women are equally encourage to participate.

In State Masters in early 2020, the team won 5 medals, backed up by numerous 4th and 5 th places. The ethos is to ‘have serious fun’, and we try to do as much team training as possible We are always looking to increase participation.

Contact Marty Smee for more information.

Ski Paddling

Ski paddling has increased in popularity at Port Elliot in recent years. The Club has invested in purchasing a number of single and double skis. The ski paddlers are a dedicated group and can be found at many carnivals, and is a very popular with a group of Masters (men and women).

Training is normally on Thursday nights from 5 pm.

Beach Event Training

Since the advent of dedicated training for beach events, port Elliot has certainly punched above its weight in competition. The Club is lucky to have Dave Palmer as it coach – Dave himself is a Master’s gold medallist.

There is a sprint focus however we also accommodate for those wanting to run the longer distance. In addition the training is beneficial for those board/swim starts, flags, sprints and 2km, or just enjoy keeping fit.

Sprint training has been running since July with a fitness base. We are now focusing on continuing building a strong base and technique for the season ahead.

Current Training Times :

Mondays & Wednesdays 5pm at Goolwa oval.

Seniors keep your eye on team app for updates.

Juniors aged from 11 and up welcome to join in.

First Senior Twilight Beach carnival Saturday 14th November. They are good fun.

First Junior carnival 15th November. Less than 8 weeks !!

If you are interested, please contact Dave 0411473188