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Middleton Tavern


We are excited to welcome and thank our newest sponsor, The Middleton Tavern. Located in the centre of Middleton, the Middleton Tavern offers an excellent range of quality Bistro meals at an affordable price in a family friendly atmosphere.

We thank the Mack Family for their support of our Club and encourage our members and friends to visit the Middleton Tavern soon.



Thursday                             5pm – 7pm

Friday                                   5pm – 7pm

Saturday                             3pm –6 pm

Sunday                                3pm – 6 pm

The finishing time may be extended on various occasions, depending on the volunteer crew working, the weather and the number of members and/or public patrons.

There may also be extra opening days, for example, on a public holiday. Please check the club facebook page or watch out for the ‘Open’ sign on the club balcony.

There is no Bistro/Restaurant at the club for meals. The  Bar has some Bar Snacks available (packet chips, toasted sandwiches, cheese platter, small pizzas soon). Please inquire at the Bar.

The Clubbies Kiosk has take-away food available, which can be brought up to the balcony and bar.

Please ensure that all visitors follow current COVID regulations regarding masks and be patient with our wonderful volunteer members who serve you at “The Bar”.

Community Supporter membership is available for a fee of $50. Forms available at the bar and staff will assist to complete the form. Benefits include a Members Discount on drinks and invitation to Members Special events through the year.

































Safety around Walking Path

The most serious safety issue for rocky shore explorers is the threat to life caused by the “freak wave”. It usually surges across the rocky shore, ambushing the unwary. 

An unsuspecting person can easily be washed off a rock into deep water. You can easily drown, or be swept against barnacle-encrusted rocks.


• No matter how safe a rocky shore may seem, never walk on wet rocks or near the edge

• Always keep a lookout for infrequent large waves.

• If you get swept in swim away from the rocks, never try and get out.

• Never go in the water to try and help, call 000 and reassure and reaffirm to the victim, stay calm and swim out to sea.