Child Safety and Protection

Who is required to have a DHS Working with Children Check

Every Club Member aged 18 years or older is required to hold a DHS (Department of Human Services) Working with Children Check before membership applications or renewals can be processed.

This process is free for all members and a check is applied for by the Club on behalf of members. The only details released to the Club from the DHS screening unit are whether a member is not prohibited or prohibited to work with children.

Please read the FAQ below for further information.


To apply

Email your full name (legal name), date of birth and preferred e-mail address to



Why does everyone need a check and not just those working with children?

There are so many different activities in our club and you may have to work with people under the age of 18 at any time, whether it is members or the public.

Is the check free?

Yes, for all Club Members.

How long does the check last before having to reapply?

5 years.

What shows up on a check?

The check will only say whether a person is prohibited or not prohibited to work with children. No other details are released.

Can I check my own expiry date through the members portal?

Not at this stage. We will give feedback to SLSA to possibly enable this.

I have a police check, or teachers registration check. Can these be accepted?

Unfortunately not. SLSSA have mandated that the DHS check is the only one to be accepted by clubs.

How long do the checks take to process?

Usually they are received back within the week of application, but in some cases they may take up to 2-3 weeks.

Is a ‘Nippers support person’ required to have a check?


Is a Life Member required to have a check?


Is a Community Membership holder required to have a check?


I turn 18 soon, can I apply for one?

Yes, under 18 year olds can apply for one using the same method. You require a check to ensure your membership continues when you turn 18, keeping in mind it could take a few weeks for the check to be processed.