Patrol hours record, operations app and iPad

This season, SLSSA have asked that the operations app (either on a mobile device or computer) is used to sign on, update changes throughout the day, record hours and sign off at the end of the day. The club iPad is listed as minimum patrol equipment as well (however you can use your own device or computer if you prefer).

As a result, paper logbooks no longer need to be filled in for patrols (they will for water safety such as nippers and carnival training though).

Access to sign on and off, and record hours, is limited to who is listed as the Patrol Captain and Vice Patrol Captain by default. If someone else requires access, please call the Lifesaving Services Officer. 

If all else fails, or you are having trouble with the app, Surfcom are there to assist either by radio, or on 13SURF. If it’s a lengthy conversation asking for assistance with the app, it may be better to call them.

Regarding hours, these are recorded by the Patrol Captain (or Vice) through the app, so you must report to them when you start and finish patrol to ensure your hours are recorded. To the app user recording hours: if the member leaves early, edit their finishing time but leave their name checked. If you uncheck their name, hours will be deleted from the record. Surfcom don’t see this list of people signed on for patrol, but the number of people on patrol should be updated on the patrol status tab.

As soon as patrol is signed off, your hours will appear under your members portal account at

These are time frames that each patrol log has to be reviewed by Club Officers and submitted to SLSSA. A reminder to check your patrol hours in your member’s portal within a week after your patrol and let us know if there are any errors. After this, we may not be able to credit your hours. Note this is only for rostered patrols, not water safety such as Nippers, Same Wave, Carnival Training etc. These water safety logs still need to be entered manually and may take a few weeks for officers to complete.

If you don’t know your login details, please get in touch as we can sort them out for you.

For more information, contact the Lifesaving Services Officer,