Patrol update 14/10/19

17 Oct Patrol update 14/10/19

The patrol season kicked off on Saturday with Commodore first up, followed by Halcyon yesterday. They both have used the Operations App to sign on and fill in patrol details so well done!

We have an iPad and PC to use for the operations app with wifi extending to the bottom of the boatramp so you can use the devices in the general clubroom area or you can get the app on your own device from Google Play or the App Store. Just search for SLSA Operations. The guides are at I’ll put them in the patrol room too. If you sign on with the app, you do not need to do a ‘sign on’ call with Surfcom to let them know all your patrol details BUT still do a quick radio check call to them to confirm the radio network is working.

I’ve had a few enquiries about substitutes already. If you can’t attend one of your rostered patrols, please do your best to find someone to replace you & contact your patrol captain if you get stuck or to let them know of the swap. The link in your member’s portal account to request a sub doesn’t actually do anything at the moment except change to ‘pending’.

Don’t forget to enrol for skills maintenance on the 26th of Oct through the members portal @, and if you need a copy of the patrol roster or info go to

The weekend coming will be Echo on patrol Saturday, and Sunday will be Lapwing, both 12-17.

Thanks again to all our patrolling members.

Ben Wyschnja-Lifesaving Services Officer