Patrol update 28 October

28 Oct Patrol update 28 October

Patrol Update 28/10/19

We are through our first month of the patrol season so far, with over 300 hours recorded by volunteers so far!

Thanks to Triton on Saturday and Emu on Sunday, & to all those who completed their skills maintenance on Saturday.

A current list of people who have requested substitutes is attached. If you can do one of these patrols log in to your members portal and confirm or contact them.

Patrol times, agreement and procedures – important!

The start of November brings a change to conditions as per our patrol agreement with SLSSA. Patrol times are still 12-17 but are now ‘Full’ patrols. Every patrol the flags must be out to designate a safe swimming area and the tent must be put up.

If the weather is inclement, the patrol captain is required to contact either the Club Captain, Lifesaving Services Officer or the Vice Club Captain to request permission to change to a ‘Standby’ or surveillance patrol (phone numbers are in the patrol room).

The above change in procedure has had to be made as if we have a patrol inspection by SLSSA, and found to be in breach of the patrol agreement by not having the tent and flags out, penalties for the club can occur, which may impact you as a club member.

Note that patrol times are a ‘minimum’ that we have to adhere to. If it’s going to be a hot day or busy, patrols can always sign on earlier/finish later/patrol on weekdays, even if it’s just for a few extra hours of surveillance. Surfcom are operational generally from 9am-6pm every rostered patrol day and can be contacted on 13SURF at any time.

Patrol uniforms:

As per our patrol agreement with SLSSA and SLSA Policy 1.05 – Patrol Uniforms, the following is to be worn as a minimum on patrols:

  • Patrol shirt
  • Patrol shorts
  • A red and yellow quartered patrol swimming cap (to be worn on the head and secured under the chin at all times while on patrol) if you hold an aquatic rescue certificate (ie bronze, SRC)
  • Bathers worn under patrol uniform (any surf club bathers preferable, if not red or black, and must be suitable for surf lifesaving)

If it is an inclement weather patrol, warm clothing or leggings may be worn under the patrol shorts (preferable to be red or yellow), and patrol jacket. Bathers & red/yellow cap are still required to be worn. No zip up pants/trousers are to be worn.


Patrol members should be watching the beach and not their phone screens while on patrol. Obviously devices are required in some sense while patrolling for use of the operations app, weather, if you need to take an urgent phone call etc, but water safety should be your top priority. You should not be texting, scrolling through social media, youtube etc. It’s not a good look and you need to be alert in case something happens!

Dates and Links:

Coming up this weekend is Josephine on Saturday and Athol on Sunday, both 12-17.

Patrol rosters can be found through the members portal, & more details can be found at

Thanks again to all our patrolling members. If you have any queries please get in touch.

Ben Wyschnja – Lifesaving Services Officer PESLSC