Patrols update 21/10/19

21 Oct Patrols update 21/10/19

I caught up with both patrols on the weekend to run through the app and both groups had a good turnout of members so well done Echo and Lapwing patrols. Also thanks to Brad Watson, Tim Cannell and Cameron Smith who volunteered water cover hours in the IRB for the surf ski race that was on Saturday morning as well, good job!


If you cannot make a patrol, try and find another member who will fill in for you.
I’ve worked out the members portal swap function after a bit of research:

Under Patrols > Patrol Roster, you can click on ‘I need a substitute’.

All of these requests will be displayed on Patrols > Patrol Swaps under everyone’s account.

If you are free to fill in for the member requesting, click on ‘I can do this’.

This is intended to complement (not replace) actively contacting people, as another way of advertising that you need a substitute. I would suggest that members who are keen to do extra patrols or gain hours should check this periodically. I’ll also include the names in a weekly newsblast, and if you can do one, login and click yes!

Note that swaps do not need to be managed this way, if you organise one and both parties know, then it can be recorded in the patrol log on the patrol day as per usual. Still let your patrol captain know though.

Reserves list:

I do have a reserves list going but due to privacy I haven’t published the phone numbers. I think this may be helpful if we did have a directory of reserves that was easily accessible. If you are happy to go on this list with your phone number or email can you please let me know – I will distribute it via e-mail from time to time and put in the clubrooms but not on the website.

Dates and links:

Proficiency this Saturday the 26th, sign up online @ or get in touch if you have trouble.

Quiz Night & Silent Auction on Saturday 2nd Nov,

Rosters & patrol handbook (contains contact details of patrol captains) here,

Wednesday 25th Dec – volunteers needed for 2pm-5pm patrol

Fri 28th Dec, Mon 30th Dec, Tues 31st Dec – volunteers for any patrol hours would be great

Akacia Murphy requests swap for 10/11/19 and 4/1/20.

Briony Pannell requests swap for 27/10/19.

Coming up this weekend:

Triton on Saturday and Emu on Sunday.

Ben Wyschnja – Lifesaving Services Officer

0448492767 /